Thursday, December 19, 2013

Weil and Canadian Literature

Tanis MacDonald has just published an article on George Grant, Weil and Canadian Literature in the current issue of Hamilton Arts and Letters.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weil included in study of famous suicides

The recent issue of  Journal of affective disorders (v. 149 pages 230-34) has an article by Zhang, Jie, Jiandan Tan, and David Lester entitled  "Psychological strains found in the suicides of 72 celebrities."  It includes Weil among the 72 celebrities studied  through an analysis of their biographies.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thesis on Weil, Marx and work

From the title you would not know that this thesis is filled with over 400 references to Weil:

Wahl, Elodie. "Le travail, la production, l'emploi : généalogie compréhensive des dimensions anthropologique, économique et sociale du travail : étude appliquée au cas français." Strasbourg 2, 2007.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Commemoration of 70th anniversary of Weil's death

The latest issue  of  Prospettiva Persona has a collection of articles commemorating the 70th anniversary of Weil's death.

Canciani, Domenico. "  I ricordi di padre Perrin  Domen." Prospettiva Persona 85 (2013): 6-23.
Landriccia, Damiano. "Simone Weil è passata di qui." Prospettiva Persona 85 (2013): 35-36.
Vito, Maria Antonietta. "Simone Weil e L'amore per la città: Venezia terrena e celeste." Prospettiva Persona 85 (2013): 30-34.
Zagaria, Gianna. "Simone Weil: fedeltà all'uomo, fedeltà a Dio" Prospettiva Persona 85 (2013): 24-29.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just published article on Weil's influence on German post-war literature

Thein, Helen. ""Eine Last auf meiner Seele" : Zum Widerhall Der Schriften Simone Weil in der deutschsprachigen Nachkriegsliterature." Zeitschrift fuer Religions und Geistesgeschichte 65.2 (2013): 173-96.

Thein writes about  Heinrich, Böll,  Ingeborg Bachmann, Nelly Sachs and Jean Améry.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Very recent 76 page article by Rolf Kühn on Simone Weil and violence

Kühn R."Hebräische und europäische Tradition nach Simone Weil: Wirkungsgeschichte der historischen Gewalt im Lichte der Offenbarung des 'Übernatürlich-Guten'". In: Margagliotta GMA, Robiglio AA, eds. Art, Intellect and Politics: A Diachronistic Perspective. Leiden: Brill; 2013:89-166.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Léon Chestov

In 2005 as part of a collection of texts in honour of  Père Boris Bobrinskoy's 80th birthday,  Laurent Mazliak and Alexis Niemtchinow published a work on reason and science comparing Simone Weil and Léon Chestov.  A version of this article is available on the web.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lacanian perspective

Fabian Fajnwaks's article  "Simone Weil : un amour sans objet " La Cause freudienne 40  (1998): 117-24 discusses Weil's work from a Lacanian perspective.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Proceedings of 2010 Conference "Simone Weil. La citta terrena e celeste" have been published

Guadagnin, Laura, ed. Simone Weil e l'amore per la città.  Venezia terrena e celeste. Padova: Il Poligrafo, 2011.  Contents

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Francis of Assisi

The papers presented at the conference  " "Per un nuova Umanesimo: Simone Weil, San Francesco e la filosofia contemporanea", April 30, 2011 have been published  (Marianelli, Massimiliano, ed. Per un nuovo umanesimo: Francesco d'Assisi e Simone Weil. Rome: CNx, 2012).

Articles in this collection as well as other articles I have collected  to date on Weil and Assisi include:

Bingemer, Maria Clara. "Francesco d’Assisi e Simone Weil: Umanesimo cristiano e mistica della povertà." Per un nuovo umanesimo: Francesco d'Assisi e Simone Weil. Ed. Marianelli, Massimiliano. Vol. 2. Quaderni di Agorà-Stromata. Rome: CNx, 2012. 39-64.

Gabellieri, Emmanuel. "Dall’Inno ai Filippesi al Cantico di Frate Sole: Simone Weil tra Paolo e Francesco." Per un nuovo umanesimo: Francesco d'Assisi e Simone Weil. Ed. Marianelli, Massimiliano. Vol. 2. Quaderni di Agorà-Stromata. Rome: CNx, 2012. 81-94.

Innocenzi, A. Rita. Simone Weil e Francesco d'Assisi. Anarchici o mistici? Rome: Nuova Cultura, 2009.

"Simone Weil. Mystère et lumière"

Approches in the January 2012 issue features articles on Simone Weil:

Ballanfat, Marc. "« Arjuna, c’est moi »."
Castel-Bouchouchi, Anissa. "La Grèce antique : un enracinement pour notre pensée."
Courtine, Denamy Sylvie. "L’imitatio Christi ou le « péché d’envie » de Simone Weil."
David, Pascal. "Hors de soi, l’arrachement du désir."
de Lussy, Florence. "Simone Weil, fille d'Alain"
Delaporte, Florence. "Simone Weil et la dévoration : un désir d’amour sans chair et sans autre." 148
Lewinson, Ewa. "Le corps de Simone." Approches 148  (2012).
Samama, Guy. "Mystère Simone – Miss ter Simone."
Samama, Guy, and Maria Villela-Petit. "Questions posées."

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Peter Winch

The latest issue of Philosophical Investigations has an article by  David Cockburn "In the Beginning Was the Deed" 36. 4 (2013): 303-19 which discusses Winch's writings on Weil.   Currently in the bibliography I have three other works which touch on Winch's  treatment of  Weil:

Bell, Richard H. Simone Weil: The Way of Justice as Compassion. Twentieth-Century Political Thinkers. Lanham, MD.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1998.

Lassman, Peter. "Politics and 'The Fragility of the Ethico-Cultural'." History of the Human Sciences 13 1 (2000): 125-39.

Lyas, Colin. ""The Interval of Hesitation": Peter Winch's Simone Weil." Peter Winch. Teddington: Acumen, 1999. 155-80.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 Italian thesis on Weil available on the web

Maria Giovanna Ziccardi's very recent dissertation, "Soggetto, diritto, lavoro, nel pensiero di Simone Weil (1909-1943)."( University of Trento)  mentions Weil over 1100 times!

2012 thesis on with significant content on Simone

Pryor, Adam. "The God Who Lives: An Examination of the Emergence of Life and the Doctrine of God." Diss. Graduate Theological Union, 2012

See especially, 7.2 "Simone Weil's Crucial Themes" 306-333

Friday, October 4, 2013

Simone Weil and the Bhagavadgita

Just tripped across a 1969 thesis on Simone Weil  and the Gita by Norman Hendricks. It is freely available from McMaster University digital commons:   An Explication of the Writings on the Bhagvad Gītā
in the Published Works of Simone Weil

Simone Weil and the body

Lissa McCullough has recently written an article entitled: "Simone Weil’s Phenomenology of the Body." Comparative and Continental Philosophy 4.2 (2012): 195-218.  In it she compares Weil's thoughts on the body to those of Merleau-Ponty.

She also has a forthcoming book on Simone Weil -   Religious Philosophy of Simone Weil. Tauris, 2014.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weil and Hinduism

Simone Weil and Hinduism was an area of interest to the co-creator of this bibliography, Debra Jensen, who very sadly passed away just over a year ago.  She wrote her MA thesis and published an article on this subject:

  • Debra Joanne Jensen, "Simone Weil, the Gita and the Upanishads," M.A., University of Calgary (Canada), 1989.
  •  Debra Joanne Jensen, "Soteriology from a Christian and Hindu Perspective," Journal of Dharma 14.4 (1989): 353-365.

In a recent issue of Cahiers Simone Weil 36.1 (2013): 31-42,  Mac Ballanfat  has an extensive article on Weil's interest in Hinduism entitled "Ce que voit Simone Weil dans le miroir de l'Inde ou la vérité du désir."

Other works I have collected on Weil and Hinduism include:

  • Bingemer, Maria Clara L. "War, suffering and detachment: reading the Bhagavad Gītā  with Simone Weil " Song divine : Christian commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita. Ed. Cornille, Catherine. Christian commentaries on non-Christian sacred texts. Leuven: Peeters, 2006. 69-89. 
  • Blackburn, Vivienne. "Simone Weil, Hinduism and Inter-Faith Dialogue." Theology 110 856 (2007): 260-69.
  • Gabellieri, Emmanuel. "Métaphysique et mystique : S.Weil et J.Monchanin." Théophilyon 3 2 (1998): 449-78.
  • Hermida, J. Ranilo B. "Reading Nature As Sãdhanã in Simone Weil  " Prajña Vihara: Journal of Philosophy and Religion 3.1 (2002): 59-80.
  • Vannini, Marco. "L’universalismo mistico di Simone Weil." Rivista di Ascetica e Mistica 31. 3 (2006): 405-22. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

One Act play on Simone

The Italian journal Scena  has a  review of a one act play on Simone at the theatre Franco Parenti  in Milan, on March 1, 2013.

Recent Italian articles

DEP: Deportate, Esuli e Profughe v. 21, 2013 includes 4 works on Simone:

Adinolfi, Isabella. "Simone Weil e Etty Hillesum: l’attesa di Dio."
Canciani, Domenico. "Simone Weil.Il male dell’Occidente:lo sradicamento." 
Farina, Paolo. "Simone Weil e il male dello sradicamento sociale, intervento" 

Zaretti, Paola. " Maria d’oro, Maria di catrame. Radicamento e sradicamento nel pensiero e nella vita di Simone Weil." 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

René Girard

The discovery of a fairly recent article by O'Regan in Modern Theology which highlights connections between Simone and Girard led me to search my database for works on Girard and Simone and discovered a fair number:

Astell, Ann W. "Saintly Mimesis, Contagion, and Empathy in the Thought of René Girard, Edith Stein, and Simone Weil." Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies 22 2 (2004): 116-31.

Jesson, Stuart. "Forgiveness and its reason." Diss. University of Nottingham, 2010.

Meaney, Marie Cabaud. "Simone Weil and René Girard: Violence and the Sacred." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 84.3 (2010): 565-87.

O'Regan, Cyril. "Countermimesis and Simone Weil's Christian Platonism." The Christian Platonism of Simone Weil. Eds. Doering, E. Jane and Eric O. Springsted. Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2004. 181-207.

---. "Girard and the spaces of Apocalyptic." Modern Theology 28.1 (2012): 112-40.

Palaver, Wolfgang. "Die Frage des Opfers im Spannungsfeld von West und Ost : René Girard, Simone Weil und Mahatma Gandhi über Gewalt und Gewaltfreiheit." Zeitschrift für Katholische Theologie 132.4 (2010): 462-81.

Putino, Angela. "La figura dell'innocente in Simone Weil e René Girard." Labirinti del male. Ed. Zarone, Giuseppe. Biblioteca di Filosofia e Teologia: Saggi. Napoli: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane, 1997. 115-28.

Rose, Phil. "A conversation with René Girard (August 2006/May 2007)." Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis and Culture 18  (2011): 23-38.

Roy, Paul-Emile. "L'Indéfectible Espérance." Action Nationale 93.1 (2003): 112-30.

Van Coillie, Geert. "Homerus' gedicht over het geweld, geïnterpreteerd door Simone Weil en René Girard." Ethische Perspectieven 15.2 (2005): 115-20.

Blog posts on Simone

The Maverick Philosopher has some interesting posts on Simone

Viktor Frankl

Just tripped across an older work on Frankl and Simone:  Kühn, Rolf. " La vie affective en psychologie et en philosopie. L'apport de Viktor E. Frankl et de Simone Weil a une théorie thérapeutique du sentiment " Revue des Sciences Philosophiques et Théologique 69  (1988): 521-62.

I am in the process of verifying that these two works also contain information on Frankl and Simone:

Kühn, Rolf. "La mélancholie est encore une bonne humeur " Actualités psychiatriques 1 (1995) : 7-9.
Kühn, Rolf. " Existence et affectivité   " Radicalité et passibilité. Pour une phénoménologie pratique.  Paris: L'Harmattan, 2003. 165-90.

Canadian Poet Anne Carson and Simone Weil

So far I have collected these works with discussions of Anne Carson and Simone Weil, including a very recent thesis by Craig Brian Hannaway:

Baker, Timothy C. "Praying to an Absent God: The Poetic Revealing of Simone Weil." Culture, Theory &      Critique 47 2 (2006): 133-47.
Disney, Dan. "Sublime Disembodiment? Self-as-Other in Anne Carson's Decreation." Orbis Litterarum 67 1  (2012): 25-38.
Hannaway, Craig Brian. "Translations of the Self: A.E. Housman and Anne Carson, Between Scholarship  and Creativity " Diss. Durham University, 2013.
Ruprecht, Louis. "Righting the self, and writing God." Rev. of   Decreation, Poetry, Essays Opera by Anne Carson. Thesis Eleven 93 1 (2008): 101-09.

Looking for Janet Little's Thesis on Simone Weil?

Durham University's e-theses collection provides the full-text of Little's theses ("The Theme of mediation in the writings of Simone Weil",  Doctoral thesis, 1970, ) as well as a few others focussed on Simone:

Sim, Rosemary, "Simone Weil and Irish Murdosch: The Relevance of Personality to the concept of virtue",  Masters thesis, University of Durham,  1985, .

Parry, Gregory David, "The "void' in Simone Weil and the 'broken middle' in Gillian Rose: the genesis of the    search for salvation",  Doctoral thesis, Durham University, 2006 .

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finnish Works

Just tripped across a 2011 thesis  by Maija Pietikäinen that has a great many references to Simone Weil -

Pietikäinen, Maija. "Laulu ja amor mundi : tutkimus laulusta eräänä maailmasta huolehtimisen perusaktiviteettina." Diss. University of Jyväskylä,, 2011.

I have pasted below some of the other works I have collected to date published in Finland (Thanks to Osmo Pekonen for correcting my Finnish and providing me information on more titles!).

Ahonen, Mervi. "Oratorio." Niin & näin 14 3 (2007): 72-73.

Hankamäki, Jukka Sakari. Rakkauden välittäjä : kulttuurikritiikki ja eettisen ihmisen idea Simone Weilin ajattelussa. Like-pokkari. 2 ed. Helsinki: Like, Gummerus Kirjapaino, 2006.

---. "Rakkauden välittäjä: kulttuurikritiikki ja eettisen ihmisen ideaali Simone Weilin ajattelussa." University of Helsinki, 1997.

Impola, Kaj-Henrik. ""Sydämen kätkössä". Simone Weilin ajatuksia suvereenisuudesta, laillisuudesta ja oikeudenmukaisuudesta." Oikeus - kulttuuria ja teoriaa : Juhlakirja Hannu Tolonen 2005. Eds. Tala, Jyrki and Kauko Wikström. Turun Yliopiston Oikeustieteellisen Tiedekunnan Julkaisuja : A. Juhlajulkaisut. Vammla, Finland: Vammalan Kirjapaino Oy, 2005. 1-24.

Kajava, Mika. "De novis libris iudicia." Arctos : acta philologica Fennica  34 (2001): 272.

Ketvel, Roo. "Ihmekristityn yhtenäisteoria." Parnasso 57 7 (2007): 78.

Konkka, Anita. "Mystikon rakkaus : elämäni kirja." Nuori voima : kulttuuriharrastajain lehti 4 (1995): 56.

Korsström, Tuva "Naispuolinen nero." Osaako nainen ajatella? : Esseitä ja haastatteluja Kirjallisuutta ajatteleville naisille. Helsinki: Like, 2003. 67-98.

Kuusisaari, Harri. "Oratorio saarnaa mutta ei kosketa." Rondo classica : klassisen musiikin erikoislehti 45 1 (2007): 56.

Luoma, Matti. "Simone Weil - uskomaton elämä." Kanava 7 6 (1979): 334-38.

Numminen, Tuija. "Teologins relation till politik : tankar hos Simone Weil och Dorothee Sölle." Finsk Tidskrift : kultur, ekonomi, politik 251-252 7-8 (2002): 409-14.

---. "Tiden : Guds abdikation och människans villkor." Ad lucem: tidskrift för kultur och livsåskådning 95 1 (2003): 4-13.

Olin, Mikael. "Misslyckanden." Ad lucem : tidskrift för kultur och livsåskådning 91 1 (1999): 8-13.
---. "Utsattheten - Simone Weils väg till ett religiöst liv." Åbo Academi University, 2000.

Pekonen, Osmo. "La sainte face de Simone nous examine." Tempus perfectum 11  (2013): 41-42.
---. "Weilin merkillinen perhe." Aistit, uni, rakkaus. Kaksitoista katsetta Kaija Saariahoon. Ed. Hako, Pekka. Helsinki: Lurra Editions, 2012. 71-88.

Peura, Annukka. "Mielikuvitus, työ ja todellisuus : Simone Weilin muistiinpanoja ystävyydestä ja rakkaudesta." Nuori voima : kulttuuriharrastajain lehti  1995 : 4 (1995): 7-9.

Sontag, Susan. "Simone Weil." Nuori voima : kulttuuriharrastajain lehti 4-5 (2009): 76-77.

Varto, Juha. Mitä Simone Weil on minulle opettanut. Helsinki: Kirjastudio, 2005.

Varto, Juha, and Liisa Veenkivi. "Naisen tie: Edith Stein ja Simone Weil." Ihmisen tie : Keskusteluja mystikoista. Tampere: Tampereen yliopisto, 1995. 51-62.

Wallenius, Tommi. "Ajattelun askeesi." Niin & näin 13 1 (2006): 110-11.

Yrjänä, Hanna. "Kuka olikaan hyvä : etiikan perustaa Mirkka Rekolan ja Simone Weilin valossa." Taite : runouslehti  1. vsk (1995): 22-23.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Rachel Lemkin

Recent article in Holocaust and Genocide Studies by Balakian makes a brief statement comparing Weil to Lemkin in regard to roots.

Balakian, Peter. "Raphael Lemkin, Cultural Destruction, and the Armenian Genocide." Holocaust and Genocide Studies 27 1 (2013): 57-89

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cristina Campo

Just tripped across an Italian thesis by Elena Rocca on Simone that  includes a review of Cristina Campo's translation of Simone's work.

Rocca, Elena. "Cité Réelle, Cité Rêvée: Percorsi d'estetica politica in Simone Weil." MA Thesis. Università Ca' Foscari 2008.

So far I have collected a number of other works on Campo and Simone Weil:

Cedolini, Elisa. "Cristian Campo E Simone Weil." B.A. Thesis. Universita' Degli Studi Di Trieste, 2001.
Cristina, Mazzoni. "The Beauty of the Beast: Fairy Tales as Mystical Texts in Simone Weil and Cristina Campo." Spiritus 11 2 (2011): 156-75.
Negri, Federica. La passione della purezza : Simone Weil e Cristina Campo. Soggetti rivelati. Vol. 6. Padova: Il Poligrafo, 2005.
Negri, Frederica. "Simone Weil par Christina Campo." Simone Weil : la passion de la raison. Eds. Calle, Mireille and Eberhard Gruber. Paris: L'Harmattan, 2003. 101-17.
Para, Jean-Baptiste. "Cristina Campo et Simone Weil." Simone Weil et le poétique  (Colloque international réuni à l'École Normale Supérieure de Paris 19-21 octobre 2006). Eds. Thélot, Jérôme, Jean-Michel Le Lannou and Enikö Sepsi. Les Cahiers de Marge. Paris: Kimé, 2007. 271-81.
Pieracci Harwell, Margherita. Cristina Campo e i suoi amici. Nuova Universale Studium. Roma: Studium, 2005.
---. "Cristina Campo e Simone Weil." Humanitas 56 3 (2001): 381-412.
---. "«Una scala verso l'alto di cui e difficile intravedere la cima». Il dialogo tra Simone Weil e Cristina Campo." Simone Weil : scendere verso l'alto Ed. Reale, Giusi Maria. Collezione Territori delle idee. Udine: Campanotto Editore, 2008. 111-41.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Comment in the Guardian

Interesting comment in the Guardian comment section by Mishra Pankaj on Simone Weil and uprootedness entitled "The need for roots brought home the modern era's disconnection with the past and the loss of community"

Pankaj notes:

 "But her most original move was to abandon the language of rights – the claims of possessive individuals against others that had provided political philosophy with its syntax since Hobbes and Locke. Instead, she talked of needs, duties and obligations as the basis of a good society – something that would be immediately familiar to Buddhist philosophers but remains marginal in the western tradition of political theory."

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2004 issue of Théophilyon is devoted to Simone Weil

Théophilyon contains a number of articles on Simone not only in the 2004 issue devoted to her:

Danese, Attilio. "La politique comme recherche du moindre mal chez Simone Weil et Hannah Arendt." Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 378-406.
Decrop, Geneviève. "Redoutable est la tentation d’être bon, critique des politiques de la pitié chez Hannah Arendt." Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 435-70.
Delsol, Chantal. "La "banalite du mal"." Theophilyon 9.2 (2004): 335-45. Print.
Di Nicola, Giula Paola. "Prestige du pouvoir, puissance de l'imagination (a la lumière de Venise sauvè de S. Weil)." Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 346-77.
Dufffé, Bruno-Marie. "Le pradigme critique du commencement." Théophilyon 9.2 (2004).
Duvert, Pierre. ""Jugement" arendtien, "Vérité  weilienne?" Théophilyon 9.2 (2004).
Gabellieri, Emmanuel. "« Action » et « Inspiration »: un double fondement du politique? " Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 559-79.
---. "Christianisme et politique chez H. Arendt et S. Weil." Théophilyon 5.2 (2000): 287-322.
---. "Des « droits de l'homme » aux « obligations envers l'être humain » (S.Weil) - Métaphysique et politique de la diversité humaine." Théophilyon 13.2 (2008): 287-302.
---. "Dieu personnel, Dieu impersonnel, Dieu Trinitaire: Mystique et  Christianisme chez S. Weil et J. Monchanin." Théophilyon 3.2 (1998): 449-78.
---. "Herméneutique de la culture et universalité éthique Simone Weil et Paul Ricoeur." Théophilyon 3.1 (1998): 14-23.
---. "La "Theodoramatique" de Simone Weil : Enfance du monde et jeu d l'amour." Théophilyon 5.2 (2001): 429-50.
---. "Métaphysique et mystique : S.Weil et J.Monchanin." Théophilyon 3.2 (1998): 449-78.
Moreau, Paul. "Dignité humaine et philosophie du droit." Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 407-34.
Ricoeur, Paul. "Message de Paul Ricoeur au colloque international Simone Weil-Paul Ricoeur de Rio De Janeiro, 13-15 septembre 1993." Théophilyon 3.1 (1998): 11-13.
Rolland, Patrice. " Le christianisme est-il anti-politique ?" Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 471-91.
Springsted, Eric O. " A la recherche d'un nouveau saint Benoît."Attention" et formation d'une communauté." Théophilyon 9.2 (2004): 535-57.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Meister Eckhart

Philippe Riviale has recently published a book on Simone Weil and Meister Eckhart entitled L'éternal Dans Le Fini: Rencontre De Maître Eckhart et De Simone Weil. Paris: L'Harmattan, 2013.

Other works I have identified on Eckhart and Simone Weil include:
Kellenberger, James. Dying to Self and Detachment. Surrey, England: Ashgate, 2012.
Robert, William. "Crossing: Simone Weil, Mystics, Politics." Diss. University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005.
Van Nieuwenhove, Rik. "The Religious and the Aesthetic Attitude." Literature and Theology 18 2 (2004): 174-86.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Looking for list of articles in the Cahiers Simone Weil?

Refdoc - - is a great tool to use to locate citations to articles in Cahiers Simone Weil.  Link to articles published in the last 5 years.
Julia Haslett's film on Simone has now been released on DVD.  The link below is to an interested review of the film by Scott McLemee

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Recent issue of Esprit is focussed on Simone Weil

Esprit  August/September 2012 is subtitled:

Simone Weil, notre contemporaine and includes the following articles on Simone:

Chenavier, Robert. "Quand agir, c'est lire:la lecture créatrice selon Simone Weil." 
Gérard, Valérie. "Simone Weil, l'enracinement,  la décolonization." 
Holt, Alice. "À la recherche du socialisme démocratique:  la pensée politique de George Orwell et de Simone Weil." 
Janiaud, Joël. "Simone Weil, le malheur et l'invisible."
Lindenberg, Daniel. "Politique de Simone Weil.".
Mongin, Olivier. "Maurice Blanchot, un lecteur attentif de Simone Weil Entre Emmanuel Levinas et Albert Camus." 
Samama, Guy. "Albert Camus et Simone Weil: le sentiment du tragique ,le goût de la beauté." 
Taïbi, Nadia. "Être de Son Temps."
Worms, Frédéric. "Simone Weil, Albert Camus, le siècle et nous." 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simone's work now available in Past Masters

The Past Masters Continental Philosophy section includes  works by Simone:

ISBN: 978-1-57085-068-4
La Liste de Titres
L’ENRACINEMENT © Éditions Gallimard, 1949
LA CONDITION OUVRIÈRE (Présentation et notes par Robert Chenavier)
© Éditions Gallimard, 1951 et 2002
LETTRE À UN RELIGIEUX © Éditions Gallimard, 1951
LA SOURCE GRECQUE © Éditions Gallimard, 1953
OPPRESSION ET LIBERTÉ © Éditions Gallimard, 1955
VENISE SAUVÉE © Éditions Gallimard, 1955
Gallimard, 1957
Éditions Gallimard, 1962
SUR LA SCIENCE © Éditions Gallimard, 1966
POÈMES suivi de VENISE SAUVÉE © Éditions Gallimard, 1968

Check your local university library to see if they have purchased assess to collection.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simone's influence on Iris Murdoch

In Rowe and Osborn's  article "The Saint and the Hero: Iris Murdoch and Simone Weil" published in Irish Murdoch,  Philosopher Meets Novelist. Eds. Araújo, Sofia de Melo and Fátima Vieria. New Castle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011. 103-13, the authors note that while  there is much mention of Weil's influence on Murdoch, "few explore it in any sustained way".  The one major study referenced is the one by Griffin,  but I have a found a number of works focussing on Weil and Murdoch including the following:

Bok, Sissela. "'No One to Receive It': Simone Weil's Unforeseen Legacy." Common Knowledge 12.2 (2006): 252-60. Print.
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2013 essay on Simone touches on her influence

François, Anne M. "Simone Weil: Ambivalence in Search of Gd." French Women Authors: The Significance of the Spiritual (1400-2000). Eds. Haskett, Kelsey L. and Holly Faith Nelson. Newark, Del.: University of Delaware Press, 2013. 131-47. Print.

Ann François has just published an essay on Simone that notes on p. 133 "Many philosophers, theologians and sociologists acknowledge they have been influenced by her writings."  I would argue that the sphere of influence is far broader,  I have located many works influenced by Simone's writings in fields including art, education, medicine and nursing,

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Looking for open access academic journal articles on Simone?

openedition  -  great source for locating freely available academic articles in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  A search for "simone weil" as a phrase retrieves over 200 items.