Friday, July 27, 2018


The 2016 issue of the journal SpazioFilosofico is focussed on the concept of grace and includes three articles on Weil:

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

More works on Lacan and Weil

In  2013 post I noted this work which includes a discussion of Weil from a Lacanian perspective:

Fajnwaks, Fabian. 1998. "Simone Weil : un amour sans objet "  La Cause Freudienne 40:117-124.

Just identified a 2018 thesis on Weil and Lacan:

Miller, Christopher Peyton. 2018. "Falling to the Heights: Simone Weil's Metaxu, Attention and Decreation Through a Lacanian Lens." PhD Diss, Union Institute & University.

Additionally I have also identified the following works on Weil and Lacan:

Delaruelle, Jacques. 2003. "Attention As Prayer: Simone Weil."  Literature and Aesthetics: The Journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics 13 (2):19-27.

De Kesel, Marc. 2013. "Misers or Lovers? : How a reflection on Christian mysticism caused a shift in Jacques Lacan’s object theory."  Continental Philosophy Review 46 (2):189-208. doi: 10.1007/s11007-013-9258-9.

De Kesel, Marc. 2018. "The Real of Ethics: On a Widespread Misconception." In Unconscious Incarnations: Pschoanalytic and Philosophical Perspectives on the Body, edited by Brian W. Becker, John Panteleimon Manoussakis and David M. Goodman, 82-83. London, UK: Routledge.

Robert, William. 2005. "Crossing: Simone Weil, Mystics, Politics." PhD Diss, Religious Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Robert, William. 2005. "Decreation, or Saying Yes."  Epoché: The University of California Journal for the Study of Religion 23 (1):59-85.

Reed, Robert Charles. 2013. "A Lacanian Ethics of Non-Personal Responsibility."  Pastoral Psychology 62 (4):515-531.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Paul Tillich

Just located a work by Nina Heinsohn on Tillich and Weil:

Heinsohn, Nina. 2013. "Vom Warten auf das Unverfugbare: Bemerkungen zu Korrespondenzen im Denken Simone Weils und Paul Tillichs."  Tillich-Preview 4:75-92.

I have one other work identified that is focussed on Tillich and Weil:

Askani, Hans-Christoph. 2002. ""Chaque religion est seule vraie" : Paul Tillich et Simone Weil sur la possibilité d'un dialogue interreligieux "  Laval théologique et philosophique 58 (1):77-87.