Friday, June 20, 2014

Irving Babbitt

While searching for something else  I tripped across this reference to an article by George Panichas comparing Simone Weil and Irving Babbitt:

Panichas, George A. "Irving Babbitt and Simone Weil." Critical Legacy of Irving Babbitt. Willmington, Delaware: ISI Books, 1999. 107-29.

Enlarged and enhanced version of bibliography now available

I do apologize for my silence on the blog! The last few months I have been busy with other projects so have not had time to add resources to the bibliography.  One of these projects is the mounting of the bibliography on the new version of  Drupal.  I have not yet switched over the website, but in the meantime you can use the enhanced version of the bibliography (over 2500 records) on the test site - see URL below.  Should have access off within the next few weeks.