Monday, November 17, 2014

Woolf and Weil

Zachary Carroll in a 2013 Radford University Thesis entitled "The Political Thought of Simone Weil and British Modernism," notes that previously only one scholar, Marcus (Virginia Woolf: A Feminist Slant 1983) has in any significant way compared the thought of Weil and Woolf.

I have found that while a few primarily European works such as the following discuss Weil and Woolfe, they do indeed appear not to provide any comparisons of  the two:
Del Serra, Maura. "Le Mie "Eccentriche": Lasker-Schüler, Kolmar, Weil, Woolf, Masfield, Guidacci." Le Eccentriche: Scrittrici Del Novecento. Eds. Botta, Anna, Monica Farnetti and Giogio Rimondi. Asteres. Mantova: Tre Luna Edizioni, 2003. 81-94.
Fabbri, Moreno, and Daniela Marcheschi, eds. Scrittrici Del Novecento Europeo : Karin Boye, Else Lasker-Schüler, Gianna Manzini, Virginia Woolf, Simone Weil, Marina Cvetaeva. Pistoia: CRT, 1998.
Fusini, Nadia. "Simone." Hannah e le Altre. Torino: Einaudi, 2013. 17-48. 
Gaeta, Giancarlo. "Woolf, Weil, Hillesum: La Libertà Di Pensare Le Cose Come Sono " Lo Straniero 1.1 (1997): 87-98.
Mutter, Matthew D. "Poetry against Religion, Poetry as Religion: Secularism and Its Discontents in Literary Modernism." PhD. Yale University, 2009.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Check out JURN for access to recent publications on Weil

 Jurn   provides great access to academic material (books, essays, articles, theses) freely available on the web.

Here are a few examples of  works  I have located today through a search for Weil on Jurn:

Adams, Catherine. "What's in a Name? The Experience of the Other in Online Classrooms." Phenomenology & Practice 1 (2014): 51-67.

Diaz, Marian K. "Friendship and Contemplation: An Exploration of Two Forces Propelling the Transcendent Hope and  Power of the Liberal Arts." Integritas: Advancing the Mission of Catholic Higher Education 2.2 (2013): 1-18.

Mariz, Debora. "Reflexões acerca do corpo do trabalhador no pensamento da filósofa francesa Simone Weil." Revista de Terapia Ocupacional da Universidade de São Paulo 25.2 (2014): 194-98.

Mattiussi, Laurent. "Désigner l’impensable : Simone Weil et Maurice Blanchot."  Simone Weil et le poétique. Eds. Jérôme Thélot, Jean-Michel Le Lannou and Enikö Sepsi. Cahiers de Marge. Paris: Kimé, 2007. 237-54.

Secchi, Pietro. "Descartes nella riflessione politica di Simone Weil." Lexicon Philosophicum: International Journal for the History of Text and Ideas 2 (2014 ): 261-87.

Wood, William. "Analytic Theology as a Way of Life." Journal of Analytic Theology 2 (2014). Brief mention of Weil in the section on the importance of attention to analytic theology.

Upcoming Conference with section on Weil

December 27-30 the American  Weil Society has a  session at the annual conference of the Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy:

From the Conference Progam:
Acadian II
Friday, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Simone Weil and Continental Philosophy Roundtable
Moderator: A. Rebecca Rozelle-Stone, University of North Dakota
“From Modern Crisis to Rooted Truth: Weil and the Phenomenological Critique of Science”
Alice Holt, University of Oxford
“Jacob Klein as an Interpretive Bridge between Simone Weil and Phenomenology”
Joseph Cosgrove, Providence College
“Ora et labora: Orientation and Apprenticeship in the Writings of Edith Stein and Weil”
Mauricio Najarro, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley
“Simone Weil and Michael Henry as Readers of Marx”
Inese Radzins, Pacific School of Religion
“Working-With: Bringing Together Reflections from Simone Weil and Jean-Luc Nancy”
Adam Pryor, Bethany College
“One-Dimensional Suffering: Weil’s ‘Affliction’ and Marcuse’s One-Dimensional Man”
Scott B. Ritner, The New School for Social Research
“Weil’s Analysis of Oppression and the Global Debt Regime”
Lissa McCullough, California State University, Dominguez Hills
“Philosophy and Her Poor: Weil and Rancière on the Role of Attention, Education, and
Listening in Emancipatory Politics”
Sophie Bourgault, University of Ottawa