Monday, July 16, 2012

Tanis MacDonald's previously reported conference presentation on Sarah Klassen's work which was inspired by Simone has been published as:

Hunger, History, and the Shape of Awkward Questions: Reading Sarah Klassen's Simone Weil as Mennonite Text." Journal of Mennonite Studies 28 (2010): 87-102. 
It is with great sadness that I announce the death of  my dear friend, colleague and co-author of the Simone Weil Bibliography, Debra Jensen. Debra passed away on Sunday July 15, 2012. Debra was a longtime religious studies faculty member at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. We first met when Debra as a University of Calgary graduate student approached me for research assistance for her thesis work on Simone Weil. While assisting Debra, I noted the difficulty in locating material and suggested that one day it would be good to work together in creating an updated bibliography of works on Simone Weil. Years later in 2006, we finally began the project and the Simone Weil Bibliography posted online in 2011 is a enduring testament to Debra's scholarship on Weil and her dedication to enhancing access to Weilian research.

I shall miss Debra very much and dedicate my continuing work on the bibliography to her memory.