Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Proceedings of 2010 Conference "Simone Weil. La citta terrena e celeste" have been published

Guadagnin, Laura, ed. Simone Weil e l'amore per la città.  Venezia terrena e celeste. Padova: Il Poligrafo, 2011.  Contents

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Francis of Assisi

The papers presented at the conference  " "Per un nuova Umanesimo: Simone Weil, San Francesco e la filosofia contemporanea", April 30, 2011 have been published  (Marianelli, Massimiliano, ed. Per un nuovo umanesimo: Francesco d'Assisi e Simone Weil. Rome: CNx, 2012).

Articles in this collection as well as other articles I have collected  to date on Weil and Assisi include:

Bingemer, Maria Clara. "Francesco d’Assisi e Simone Weil: Umanesimo cristiano e mistica della povertà." Per un nuovo umanesimo: Francesco d'Assisi e Simone Weil. Ed. Marianelli, Massimiliano. Vol. 2. Quaderni di Agorà-Stromata. Rome: CNx, 2012. 39-64.

Gabellieri, Emmanuel. "Dall’Inno ai Filippesi al Cantico di Frate Sole: Simone Weil tra Paolo e Francesco." Per un nuovo umanesimo: Francesco d'Assisi e Simone Weil. Ed. Marianelli, Massimiliano. Vol. 2. Quaderni di Agorà-Stromata. Rome: CNx, 2012. 81-94.

Innocenzi, A. Rita. Simone Weil e Francesco d'Assisi. Anarchici o mistici? Rome: Nuova Cultura, 2009.

"Simone Weil. Mystère et lumière"

Approches in the January 2012 issue features articles on Simone Weil:

Ballanfat, Marc. "« Arjuna, c’est moi »."
Castel-Bouchouchi, Anissa. "La Grèce antique : un enracinement pour notre pensée."
Courtine, Denamy Sylvie. "L’imitatio Christi ou le « péché d’envie » de Simone Weil."
David, Pascal. "Hors de soi, l’arrachement du désir."
de Lussy, Florence. "Simone Weil, fille d'Alain"
Delaporte, Florence. "Simone Weil et la dévoration : un désir d’amour sans chair et sans autre." 148
Lewinson, Ewa. "Le corps de Simone." Approches 148  (2012).
Samama, Guy. "Mystère Simone – Miss ter Simone."
Samama, Guy, and Maria Villela-Petit. "Questions posées."

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Peter Winch

The latest issue of Philosophical Investigations has an article by  David Cockburn "In the Beginning Was the Deed" 36. 4 (2013): 303-19 which discusses Winch's writings on Weil.   Currently in the bibliography I have three other works which touch on Winch's  treatment of  Weil:

Bell, Richard H. Simone Weil: The Way of Justice as Compassion. Twentieth-Century Political Thinkers. Lanham, MD.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 1998.

Lassman, Peter. "Politics and 'The Fragility of the Ethico-Cultural'." History of the Human Sciences 13 1 (2000): 125-39.

Lyas, Colin. ""The Interval of Hesitation": Peter Winch's Simone Weil." Peter Winch. Teddington: Acumen, 1999. 155-80.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 Italian thesis on Weil available on the web

Maria Giovanna Ziccardi's very recent dissertation, "Soggetto, diritto, lavoro, nel pensiero di Simone Weil (1909-1943)."( University of Trento)  mentions Weil over 1100 times!

2012 thesis on with significant content on Simone

Pryor, Adam. "The God Who Lives: An Examination of the Emergence of Life and the Doctrine of God." Diss. Graduate Theological Union, 2012

See especially, 7.2 "Simone Weil's Crucial Themes" 306-333

Friday, October 4, 2013

Simone Weil and the Bhagavadgita

Just tripped across a 1969 thesis on Simone Weil  and the Gita by Norman Hendricks. It is freely available from McMaster University digital commons:   An Explication of the Writings on the Bhagvad Gītā
in the Published Works of Simone Weil

Simone Weil and the body

Lissa McCullough has recently written an article entitled: "Simone Weil’s Phenomenology of the Body." Comparative and Continental Philosophy 4.2 (2012): 195-218.  In it she compares Weil's thoughts on the body to those of Merleau-Ponty.

She also has a forthcoming book on Simone Weil -   Religious Philosophy of Simone Weil. Tauris, 2014.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weil and Hinduism

Simone Weil and Hinduism was an area of interest to the co-creator of this bibliography, Debra Jensen, who very sadly passed away just over a year ago.  She wrote her MA thesis and published an article on this subject:

  • Debra Joanne Jensen, "Simone Weil, the Gita and the Upanishads," M.A., University of Calgary (Canada), 1989.
  •  Debra Joanne Jensen, "Soteriology from a Christian and Hindu Perspective," Journal of Dharma 14.4 (1989): 353-365.

In a recent issue of Cahiers Simone Weil 36.1 (2013): 31-42,  Mac Ballanfat  has an extensive article on Weil's interest in Hinduism entitled "Ce que voit Simone Weil dans le miroir de l'Inde ou la vérité du désir."

Other works I have collected on Weil and Hinduism include:

  • Bingemer, Maria Clara L. "War, suffering and detachment: reading the Bhagavad Gītā  with Simone Weil " Song divine : Christian commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita. Ed. Cornille, Catherine. Christian commentaries on non-Christian sacred texts. Leuven: Peeters, 2006. 69-89. 
  • Blackburn, Vivienne. "Simone Weil, Hinduism and Inter-Faith Dialogue." Theology 110 856 (2007): 260-69. http://tjx.sagepub.com/content/110/856/260.citation.
  • Gabellieri, Emmanuel. "Métaphysique et mystique : S.Weil et J.Monchanin." Théophilyon 3 2 (1998): 449-78.
  • Hermida, J. Ranilo B. "Reading Nature As Sãdhanã in Simone Weil  " Prajña Vihara: Journal of Philosophy and Religion 3.1 (2002): 59-80.
  • Vannini, Marco. "L’universalismo mistico di Simone Weil." Rivista di Ascetica e Mistica 31. 3 (2006): 405-22.http://www.gianfrancobertagni.it/materiali/misticacristiana/weilvannini.pdf