Thursday, December 3, 2015

Jewish or Catholic?

See recent work:

Endelman, Todd M. Leaving the Jewish Fold: Conversion and Radical Assimilation in Modern Jewish History. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2015. See p. 258-261 for discussion of Weil.

Other works I have collected to date onthis:

Allen, Diogenes. Spiritual Theology : The Theology of Yesterday for Spiritual Help Today.  Boston: Cowley Publications, 1997.  In chapter four, "Three Journeys to God", he presents what he calls Weil's 'conversion experience' (pp. 56 - 63).

Calvert, Timothy John. "Simone Weil: Patron Saint of Outsiders." New Blackfriars 81.951 (2000): 177-83.

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Ciernick, Helen M. "Historical Studies I - Topic Sessions." CTSA Proceedings 68 (2013): 112-13. Brief summary of  Richard Penaskovic  paper, “Simone Weil (1909-1943): A Reluctant Convert,”  presented at the Catholic Theological Society of America Sixty-eighth Annual Convention, June 6-9, 2013, Miami Florida.

Heidrich, Christian. "Die unmögliche Konversion. Die Konvertiten: Über religiöse und politische Bekehrungen. Munich: Carol Hanser, 2002. 277-295.  

Hirsch, Yaël "Réflexions sur la conversion juive : les implications politiques et sociales du transfert identitaire dans la première moitié du 20e siècle en Europe."  Diss.  Institut d'études politiques., 2009.

Huk, Romana. "“A Single Liturgy”: Fanny Howe’s The Wedding Dress." Christianity & Literature 58.4 (2009): 657-93. Huk looks at the way the poet Fanny Howe uses the thought of Edith Stein and Simone Weil to reflect on her conversion to Catholicism.  Ultimately, there is not much discussion of Weil's thought itself; the essay concerns itself more with Howe's response to and comments on Weil's life, especially her struggle with the thought of conversion and her commitment to social and political activism in the face of perceived injustice.

Nagy, Endre J. "Simone Weil: egy misztikus aszkéta (Part II)." Vigilia 77.3 (2012): 162-70. First published in English as "Simone Weil: The Mystical Ascetic." European Journal of Mental Health 5.2 (2010): 167-185.

Penaskovic, Richard John. "Simone Weil:  The Reluctant Convert." New Blackfriars 96.1064 (2015): 391-404.>.

Wilkins, Steve, and Alan G. Padgett. "Being at Paris: French Existentialism."  Journey to Postmodernity in the 20th century. Vol. 3. Christianity & Western Thought: A History of Philosophers, Ideas, & Movements. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2009. 89-129. See especially pages 121-29. In chapter four "Being at Paris: French Existentialism", the authors offer a short overview of Weil's life, paying special attention to her 'conversion' to Christianity followed by a brief discussion of her concepts of decreation, work and detachment.

Antonia Pozzi

Adele Ricciotti has written an article on the relationship between Antonia Pozzi and Simone Weil.    Pozzi was an Italian  poet who committed suicide in 1938 at the age of 26.

Ricciotti, Adele. "Antonia Pozzi: "La poesia dell’anima". Cuadernos de Filología Italiana 21 (2014): 213-34.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Weil's influence on Jan Zwicky

Tanis MacDonald recently  published an article on Weil's influence on the poet Jan Zwicky.  This is part of a project investigating the impact of Weil on  modern Canadian female poets (Sarah Klassen, Anne Carson and Suzanne Buffam, Maggie Helwig, Lorri Neilsen Glenn and Karen Solie).

MacDonald, Tanis. "What Is Not Self: Jan Zwicky, Simone Weil, and the Resonance of Decreation." Philosophy and Literature 39.1 (2015): 211-18.

Other works that I have located discussing Weil's influence on Zwicky:

Dickinson, Mark, and Clare Goulet, eds. Lyric Ecology: An appreciation of the Work of Jan Zwicky. Toronto, Ontario: Cormorant Books, 2010. This collection of articles on Zwicky includes a number of references comparing Weil and Zwicky.  See "Ethics and Domesticity" by Warren Heiti for a series of quotes from Weil (pages 127, 132), Zwicky and other writers;  "Wisdom" by Sue Sinclair page 163 and "Metaphor and Ecological Responsibility by Darren Bifford, page 193.

Hagberg, Garry L. . "The Approach of a lyricist." Common Knowledge 20.2 (2014): 214-22.

Forthcoming article available online - Deleuze and Simone Weil by Simone Kotva, University of Cambrdige

Lengthy article on stoicism and education in the ideas of Deleuze and Simone Weil

Kotva, S.  "Gilles Deleuze, Simone Weil and the Stoic Apprenticeship: Education as a Violent Training." Theory, Culture & Society Forthcoming article published online October 8, 2015 .doi:10.1177/0263276415605576.