Thursday, August 30, 2012

English translation of Chenavier's work Simone Weil : l'attention au réel will be released October 2012

From  University of Notre Dame Press:

NOTRE DAME, IN, August 30, 2012—In October, the University of Notre Dame Press will publish Simone Weil: Attention to the Real by Robert Chenavier, translated by Bernard E. Doering. Originally published in French in 2009, Simone Weil: Attention to the Real leads the reader through Weil's earliest writing as a perceptive social critic to her work on spirituality and materialism, and finally to her concept of decreation, produced before her death at the age of thirty-four. "To an exceptional degree," Chenavier says, "the life of Simone Weil, her personality, her commitment, and her reflection form one single whole." Chenavier argues that Weil's vocation took on a very original form in the history of philosophical thought.

"Bernard Doering has crafted a very fine translation of Robert Chenavier's comprehensive but brief introduction to Simone Weil's philosophical project. It provides an excellent English introduction to the social philosophy of Simone Weil with due attention to her understanding of the importance of work in learning to attend to the real. Doering's translation will be of interest to both a religious and secular readership, both inside and outside the academy." —Lawrence Schmidt, University of Toronto

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