Monday, April 4, 2016

John Rawls

Tested out JournalTOCs ("the largest, free collection of scholarly journal Tables of Contents)  - -   to see what articles it would uncover on Simone.  Surprisingly there are not very many but  included among the 15 results is this early view article comparing John Rawls and Weil:

Heifetz, Aviad, and Enrico Minelli. "Overlapping Consensus Thin and Thick: John Rawls and Simone Weil." .Philosophical Investigations  (2015 - Article in Press): 1-23,

Friday, April 1, 2016

Maiti Girtanner

Christopher Hamilton also has recently published an interesting article on Maiti Girtanner in which he compares her to Simone.

Hamilton, Christopher. "Religion, Forgiveness and Humanitiy."  Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement null (2015): 185-205.doi:10.1017/S1358246115000259,.


My Google alerts just notified me that the 2015 work   The Philosophy of  Autobiography  has a chapter by Christopher Hamilton  which includes a discussion of Weil and Spinoza.  I have pasted below the reference to this work as well as to others I have collected that compare Weil and Spinoza.

Cockburn, David. "Self, World and God in Spinoza and Weil." Studies in World Christianity 2 (1998): 173-86.

Comte-Sponville, André. Le sexe ni la mort: Trois essais sur l'amour et la sexualité.  Paris: Albin Michel, 2012.

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