Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Canadian philosopher Louis Lachance and Weil

Leslie Armour (1931-2014) in an article on fellow Canadian philosopher Louis Lachance (1899-1963) published in The Oxfod Companion to Canadian Literature, includes a statement that "Lachance's theory has affinities with the work of Simone Weil".   I have not been able to locate any other discussion of this.

Quentin Meillassoux and Simone Weil similarities including the lack of published texts and invention of terminology

Strickland in the 2013 article compares Meillassoux a contemporary French philosophy to Weil:

Strickland, Stephanie. 2013. "Joined at the Hip: Simone Weil, Quentin Meillassoux."  Religion & Literature 45 (3):277-236.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Simone and Johanna Brandt

Karen Kuhn recently presented at the International Conference on Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences on  female mystical experience comparing  Johanna Brandt, a South African writer and prophet  to Simone.  The paper is available on the web: