Friday, April 28, 2017

Search and browse functions now available on the Simone Weil Bibliography

I am pleased to announce that you can once again either keyword search through the Simone Weil Bibliography and/or limit your search to a particular keyword, author, document type or year by using the "Show only items where".  Selecting "Search" under Biblio will bring up the keyword and browse/limit options.

Instructions I have posted on the website:

It is best to select Search  which will open up a search box.  You can then also select "Show Only Items Where" to see a browse list of authors, material type, years and keywords from which you can select term(s) to limit your search.  The list of results can be sorted by sorted by author, keyword, format or year (note that only English language works and a select number of works in other languages currently have been assigned subject keywords).  Please contact me if you need a more thorough search of the database.
When viewing the brief record  you need to click on the title of the work to see any URLs to free full-text, annotations and list of keywords.  

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