Monday, May 1, 2023

Martin Luther King Jr

 Michail Theodosiadias has just published an open access article extensively comparing King to Weil:


Theodosiadias, Michail. 2023. "Self-Purification and Social Dramatization; from Simone Weil to Martin Luther King Jr."  Religions 14 (4):541. doi:  Comparison of Weil and Martin Luther King Jr.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Issue devoted to Weil

 2022 issue 1 of the Dutch journal Filosofie is devoted to Weil and includes the following articles:

De Kesel, Marc. 2022. "Kijken, niet eten. Simone Weil over het schone."  Filosofie (1):15-19. 

De Maeyer, Lieven. 2022. "Hoezo, wachten op God? Simone Weil over verlangen, geloof en ongeloof."  Filosofie (1):10-14. 

Decreus, Thomas. 2022. "Weil en de zoektocht naar collectieve vrijheid."  Filosofie (1):5-9. 

Graste, Jacques. 2022. "Ontworteling, de ziekte van onze tijd in L'Enracinement van Simone Weil."  Filosofie (1):20-24. 

Willemsen, MariĆ«tte 2022. "Simone Weil als morele standaard in de ethiek van Iris Murdoch."  Filosofie (1):25-30. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Environmental Studies and Weil

 So far I have located 3 works dealing with Weil and the environment including  Gerber's 2020 work "Degrowth and Critical Agrarian Studies in Journal of Peasant Studies.

Boris Souvarine

 To date I have identified 6 works about Weil and Souvarine including Souvarine's work on Weil.  

Palliative care

 I am continually impressed by the breadth of interest in Weil.   There is a just published article by Aldis Petriceks on Weil entitled " A negative Effort: Simone Weil and the Ethics of Attention in Palliative Care in the journal Palliative & Supportive Care.  In this article Petriceks notes "  her writings on attention merit no less analysis from the modern palliative care clinician."

Bibliography update

After a very long hiatus again I am back to updating the online Simone Weil Bibliography.   I have over 90 new items ready and will be adding them over the next few months.  Publication rate for works on Weil seems to increase every year!

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Weil and mathematics

Aviad Heifetz just recently informed me of the publication of his article: 

Heifetz, Aviad. 2022. "‘None Enters Here Unless He is a Geometer’: Simone Weil on the Immorality of Algebra."  Axiomathes. doi: 

A search of the Simone Weil Bibliography for keyword mathematics retrieves over 25 references in addition to Aviad's work.