Monday, February 22, 2021

Giovanni Gentile

Today while searching for something else,  I stumbled across an Italian thesis by Giulia Felici that includes extensive discussion of Weil (a search for Weil retrieves 238 hits) and includes significant content comparing Weil and Gentile.  

Felici, Giulia. 2018/2019. "Fare dell'esistenza un'offerta :  L'eternità tra autoctisi e decreazione." MA Thesis, Philosophy, Università Ca' Foscari Venezia.

Online Bibliography now has over 5, 150 works listed

 Simone Weil Bibliography  has now been updated with over 110 works for 2020.  As a result of  current restrictions on obtaining work through Interlibrary Loans due to COVID, I am now listing works in the bibliography that I have not physically examined.  These are titles for which I can verify bibliographic information from authoritative sources.  The entry for these works will include keywords if  the bibliographic source notes keywords.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Political Philosophy - comparison with Kenneth Waltz

In the Fall of 2018, I presented a paper on Weil's enduring influence at the conference "Simone Weil, a Politics of the Good for our Age."  In my presentation I noted the significant number of theses that discuss Weil's political philosophy.  I just located Ida Guignatico's 2017 thesis "Oltre il realismo politico di Simone Weil" which also includes a section comparing Weil and Waltz (see  section 4.4.  "Simone Weil pioniera del realismo politico di Kenneth Waltz") 

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Mary McCarthy

 As Richard Bell noted in his work Simone Weil: The Way of Justice as Compassion,  Weil has influenced a number of literary authors and mentions a few of them:  T.S. Eliot, Flannery O'Connor, Dwight McDonald, Mary McCarthy,  Iris Murdoch and Susan Sontag.

I have collected three works on the influence of Weil on McCarthy:

Daw, Sarah Harriet. 2015. "Writing Ecology in Cold War American Literature." PhD Diss, English, University of Exeter. See Chapter 4 ‘Capitalism’s Rubbish’: Socialism and “Nature” in Birds of America, pp. 190-233  which discusses Weil’s influence on Mary McCarthy

Inhoff, Marcel. 2020. "“Ladies and Gents, Ladies and Gents” – Mary McCarthy, Elizabeth Bishop and Female Autobiographies in American Postwar Literature."  Women’s Studies: An Inter-disciplinary Journal 49 (4):405-425.  Compares Mary McCarthy and Elizabeth Bishop especially in light of strong impact Weil had on both of these authors

Sumner, Gregory D. 1996. "Nicola Chiaromonte, the Politics Circle, and the Search for a Postwar “Third Camp”." In Twenty-four Ways of Looking at Mary McCarthy : The Writer and her Work, edited by Eve Stwetka and Margo Viscui, 7. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. Very brief reference to influence of Weil on McCarthy on page 56

To locate works on Weil's influence on other authors browse the Simone Weil Bibliography by keywords (in advanced search) and select the author's name.  Note if you search "influence" in the basic search you will see a listing of all works discussing her influence.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Two recent collections of articles on Weil now added

Each article in Simone Weil, Beyond Ideology (2020) edited by Sophie Bougault and Julie Daigle and  Simone Weil, réception et transposition (2019) edited by Robert Chenavier and Thomas Pavel has now been added to the bibliography.  The individual articles can be purchased from the publishers.


Monday, December 28, 2020

Emily Dickenson

 Through HathiTrust I identified a 1998 work by Golden which includes a discussion of Weil and Dickenson.  So far I have a found a total of three works comparing Weil and Dickenson:

Bombaci, Nancy. 2013. "Autistic Thought and the Modern Mysticism of Simone Weil and Emily Dickinson."  Studies in Spirituality 23:213-238.

Borgna, Eugenio. 2016. L'indicibile tenerezza : In cammino con Simone Weil Milano: Feltrinelli.

Golden, Stephanie. 1998. Slaying the Mermaid: Women and the Culture of Sacrifice New York: Harmony Books. 

Saturday, December 26, 2020


HathiTrust is a great source for identifying books and journal issues on Weil.   If you are affiliated with an institution that is a member of HathiTrust,  once logged in, you currently also have access to the digital full text of a significant number of the works.  Due to the pandemic,  HathiTrust is providing  temporary access to the digital full text of works in their collection that are held in the print collection of your institution.   This is in addition to those works which are in the public domain or provided as open access.   A full-text keyword search for "Simone Weil" limited to works published since 1995  retrieves over 15,000 items of which, for me, currently over 4,000 are available with full text!  Even when the full text is not available the ability to conduct a limited search is helpful for identifying the extent of possible content in the book.